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A division of: EnhancedImages Labels & Packaging
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We are print distributors devoted entirely to the business community.  We only sell business to business and not to the general public.  We represent hundreds of printers and manufacturers to help you coordinate your branding needs.  
  •  I was a career Century Marketing employee for over 12 years.  I was a Territory Sales Person, then a District Sales Manager and finally the National Field Sales Trainer.  I founded Enhanced Images, Inc. in 2003.  Our web sites are: and  Century Marketing is one of the printing companies we represent. 
  • After over 12 years in the label & tag business with Century Marketing, I started my own company, "Enhanced Images, Inc." calling on Retailers, Professional Photographers, Light Industrial accounts and more.  We have happy and loyal customers all over the USA as well as Canada and Mexico.  We are more than happy to assist you by phone or email.
  • We carry the Towa price guns and labels, also known as the Speedy Mark Price Guns from Century Marketing.  Century Marketing no longer is in the price gun and price gun label business.  Therefore, I get the Towa (Speedy Mark) Price Guns and labels from a different resource.  They are the same product that Century Marketing distributed as Speedy Mark.
  • We carry many brands and models of price guns and labels in addition to the Towa (Speedy Mark) line.  You can get your choice of price guns and supplies from us.  We also  can personalize the labels with your company name or other message on them as well.  You will be pleased with our quality and prices.
  • In addition, Enhanced Images has a very broad selection of products to help companies Enhance their image and Brand themselves.  These include: beautiful custom labels and tags, unique and beautiful boutique style retail packaging, sturdy and dependable pricing equipment, and quality promotional products.  We are very proud of our quality and service.
  • Enhance Images is now based out of Boynton Beach, Florida and serving the entire United States of America plus Canada.  Enhanced Images Inc. includes subsidiaries: Enhanced Images Labels and Packaging, Price Gun Supply and Photography by Lenny